Valentines Gift D.I.Y.

Heres a little D.I.Y. gift that takes some time to do, so If you want to make it I reccomend starting soon. I made this two years ago and it took me about 20 hours to complete, between buying materials, printing photos, finding cute graphics, stickers etc...

 I basically made a valentines day scrapbook for cheap. Instead of using expensive scrapbooking supplies I used Print outs from online, left over stuff from my scrap box like pieces of cloth and ribbon, construction paper and pieces of jewelery.
What you need:
    A three ring binder (hardback)
    Gift wrap
    A wide ribbon that fits entirely around the binder and is long enough to tie both ends into a bow 
    Photo album pages that fit in the binder (the kind that stick on the photos and stay put)
    transparent tape
    sissors to cut your photos and decorations.
    A hot glue gun
    Lots of photos Id say around 100
    Glue stick
    Photo paper if you want to print stuff off the computer
    Stuff to decorate with like glitter, stickers, colored cardboard, quotes, magazine cutouts, graphics,buttons,colored pens,markers,envelopes whatever!...you can use just about everything with a little creativity.

      To make the cover use the glue stick to cover the binder in the wrapping paper and the hot glue gun for the corners so they dont come loose.
      Wrap the wide ribbon around the middle of the binder so that both ends are the same length and use the hot glue gun to secure.
      For the pages use the photo Album pages with your photos and decorations, layout a design under the plastic and glue them on with the glue gun or glue stick whatever you prefer...put the plastic over your design and seal the edges with transparent tape.
      And thats it! easy right? Most of the work goes into putting the pages toegether  I recommend doing 12-15 pages. 

        And a little retro Photo of my boyfriend (hes the one on the left)

        And another photo of  Baby since I always put up pictures of kitty.


        The doll on fashion said...

        Homemade scrapbooks are a great Valentine gift idea! x

        Iyah said...

        so creative of you!! i love scrapbooking! I wish I have more time doing it though :)

        Jane Alisa said...

        How creative of you & such a great lovely idea :-) xoxo

        LOOK! FLYING MONKEYS! said...

        Wow, this is so creative! I did something similar last year, but not nearly as good as this!
        Your cat is sooo cute :)

        Vanilla said...

        This is such a cute idea :)

        Love, Vanilla


        Reg Rodriguez said...

        my boyfriend and i gave scrapbooking a try once, but it's not quite as good looking as yours :)


        Michelle said...

        My boyfriend is not very fond of these kinds of things but I would love to receive something like this!

        Becca said...

        Awwww how cute.


        BlahCooCooBlah said...

        Oh thats really cute, I'm gonna try this! following :D

        kirstyb said...

        awwwww so cute x

        Sydney H. said...

        I love this
        it gave me a great idea to do this for my boyfriend :)

        Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

        Lovely pics!
        This is a good idea especially when you have done about everything in the past!

        oomph. said...

        great idea. homemade is so much more personalized and special.