HONEST Whooga ugg boot review

So I was so excited to order my whooga boots because my old pair of ugg australia boots tore up a few weeks ago after 6 years of use! I know uggs are not the most flattering shoe or the most fashionable but they are damn comfy and warm, great for grocery shopping, running errands and being around the house. I was pretty cautious considering all the reviews I had read had been by bloggers who have gotten the boots for free, but I went along anyways and got them. Im a little dissapointed because although the boots are not the most expensive out there they are still pretty expensive but not that great, dont get me wrong the materials used are great the interior is warm and soft, the shipping was pretty fast and they are very comfy...but they did a very messy job putting toegether the boots they are lacking in the details.The boots I got are Chocolate colored short boots even though they look greyish in the photos, click on the photos to enlarge.

The soles, they are very stiff and those will probably soften up with use...but they seem overly stiff and unflexible plus on the left boot the sole is noticably bigger than on the other one.
see how the left boot  has a chunkier sole that is alot bigger.
As you can see the stitching is pretty messy and crooked but im hoping they will hold up.
As you can see the stiching on the tag isnt that great either and one of the tags is crooked.
worn by me, Im pretty pleased with the lining of the boot.
 All in all I would give them a 6 out of 10, because of all of the noticable deffects in the manufacturing. I would definitley recommend Ugg australia and Emu before these. Just wanted to give my totally honest opinion since there are alot of reviews for these boots, and im seriously doubting their honesty putting it in nice terms. quite dissapointed on my purchase.


xNTA said...

:) Thanks for that Alex.

Truth is, I think some people, when they receive free things for reviews, don't take into consideration the fact that their readers will be BUYING these items with MONEY. They don't ever take price into account, and are only too happy to give a good review because hey, almost anything we get for free is awesome.

Thanks for this!

Have a great one! x NTA @ blogspot.com

Venus In Virgo said...

That was a very informative review! I think these boots look cute and cozy ^;^ Thank you for the follow and I'm following back because you have a lovely blog. I only posted what I did because I didn't know if you wanted to follow my blog,hope it's fine.Eh! I also did a boo boo when i went to reply to your post and hit the delete button, SORRY! Please feel free to take part in my blogs discussions as I will be looking forward to your future reviews and such as well. THANK YOU XOXO

Lula said...

Yaaa I think UGGs are just the best brand out there. For these kinds of boots I mean. Not a huge fan of UGGs, I don't even own a pair actually but omg they are SO incredibly comfortable!
Kiss to ya missy!

Adrienne said...

kudos on the honesty I admire that. I cant believe they sent boots with messy stiching! x

Meri said...

It must be hard to review things without bias! I like the color of them :)

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

I don't even know what Whooga boots are, I am gonna google that.
I have only one pair of Uggs, which I love. I got them in black, so I can wear them with everything.
These look cute, sorry about the bad craftmentship.


Jane Alisa said...

Great review, those shoes look so comfy. xoxo

Michelle said...

Great review!! :) I wish it would get cold here so I can wear something like those! :)