ebay finds

Couldnt help myself i found some great stuff on ebay :) Very cheap yet very cute!
Algunas cosillas baratas de ebay!

under $2 click here!

under $2 click here!

$5.50 click here!

under $3 click here!

under $4 click here!

$5.50 click here!

Under $4 click here!
Dont Forget


Toni Tralala said...

I've been looking for knuckle rings. Of course! Ebay!

Thanks for this post. :) Those are so cute! I'm really liking the bird ring and the knuckle ones.

Back in Asia, they sell those for a dollar so I seriously have to go back there to shop. lol.

avs: said...

haha yay i'm your 100th follower!
love the love knuckle ring and key necklace might have to invest!

xoxo avs

S▲lly♥..... said...

great blog^^

i follow you,hope you follow back....



Vanilla said...

Love the bird ring :)

Love, Vanilla


Poppy xx said...

These are all so lovely... I may have to have a look on ebay too now x


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Hannah Lebron said...

These are very cute!
My husband calls me his 'birdie' so I think I may go & get me the bird knuckle ring!


Elma said...

Love the bird knuckle ring! Great blog!


Rather be dead than cool. said...

Omg, i absolutely adore these! Loving the blog :)

Anne said...

ahh the joy's of ebay :)

Meda said...

Such a nice post about good fashion finds!
These things are adorable!!

Meda from m-femmefatale.blogspot.com

Ria said...

Oh wow!!I'm sooo going to buy a lot of these things.Your taste in jewellery is great!Thanks a milliion for sharing!

Jade Briony said...

wow! great finds! they all look like they could be from Urban Outfitters or Topshop yet theyre so wonderfully cheap! i love the key and the love ring.

also a great blog!


Passing fancy said...

omg, how cute! I've never paid attention to ebay jewellery :O

G A B Y said...

OMG The key necklace is gorgeous! And what a bargain!

CurvylishDelish said...

those pieces are so cute. You have great taste- I want them all!

love, Shelly from: vyile.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

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Rinz said...

i love that blue nail polish u got!!

Alex said...

thats the pic from the site...not my overly photoshopped hand :) but yes it is a pretty nail color

sheiselle; said...

uao! thank u soo much, this post is fantastic! I love everything :D


Kristin Eichenberg said...

Plese check out my blog, and follow if you'd like:)


VenusInFurs said...

I love this jewellery its really adorable, I hope they do shipping!

Your blog is really cute.


Christina Marie said...

Omg i love that swallow ring! x

Dave G said...

All the pretty things... haha. You too! Haha
Wonderful blog lady. It's so cool. Muac!

Dave G

LynSire ♛ said...

Thanks for sharing these!!! They are all so lovely and cheap! Reminds me of Forever 21 jewelry.