nail polish tutorial

Sorry about the crappy quality of the photos my camera had no battery and my phone did not want to focus!  Heres a little nailpolish look tutorial nothing too fancy just a basic look for everyday nails hope you guys like :).

Materials used:
Envy me h&m nail polish
silver glitter two way nail pen from ebay
white pearl two way nail pen from ebay
clear topcoat
nail file
nailpolish remover

 I used two coats of envy me green

later i drew small x´s on the center of all my nail tips in the pearl white
and filled in both sides of the x with 2 coats of silver glitter

put 1 coat of clear top coat and let dry....

And heres the finished product!

:( cant be apreaciated because of the photos but next time ill definitly use my camera.

I really want to do the giveaway, hopefully ill get some entries soon!

Have a nice day guys!


Emily said...

Love the green colour of the nail varnish! I've never tried any of H&M's colours, did it chip easily? xo

Alex said...

it does it just flakes of after like 2 days, you need to use a few layers of top coat for it to stay on well

Michelle said...

The polish is so cute! I will definitely try to find a dupe for that! :)