First post yay!

Ok first of i just started this blog and i really want to bring readers the content they want so if you happen to stumble upon it and have any interesting fashion or beauty related content you would like to see please comment or message me so i can write about what you guys want.

Ok de primeras acabo de empezar este blog I deverdad quiero traer a los lectores el contenido que les gusta asi que si por casualidad encuentras mi blog y hay  algo sobre moda o belleza que quereis ver aqui dejar me un commentario para poder escribir sobre lo que vosotros quereis.

my first post is going to be about Cheap ebay finds and alternatives. Some things i have gotten myself and have had no problem with and others are just stuff i found and havent gotten around to getting yet. Also please excuse my spelling its probably not that great. :)

My primer post va ser sobre cosas baratas que podeis comprar en ebay. Algunas de estas cosas las tengo yo y otras no. Porfavor escusar mi ortografia, no es muy buena!

first of there is a very cute owl necklace on girl props with crystal eyes.(I love owl jewelery)
primero este collar de buo que es de la pagina de girl props con ojos de crystal.(me encantan los buos)

you can find it at the link below:
lo puedes en contrar en este link

The cost of this necklace is 7.99 plus shipping
El precio de este collar es $7.99 mas envio.

And the ebay alternative is almost exactly the same but the eyes are not crystals they are black. I know the photo off of ebay is not as flattering but still looks just about the same.

El alternativo de ebay es casi exactamente igual, menos por los ojos que son piedras negras. Se que la foto de ebay no es tan bontia como la de la pagina web pero sigue pareciendo lo mismo.

 The link to the ebay auction is below:
click el link para la pagina de ebay.

The cost of this necklace is 1.43 including shipping so its a pretty big difference.

El precio de este collar $1.43 con el envio asi que es una gran diferencia.

 ok another one of my favorites which i have purchased is the deep v-neck from american apparel.

Otra de mis favoritas que he comprado varias veces es el deep v-neck de american apparel.

you can find it at the link below:
Lo puedes encontrar aqui:

You can buy it on the site for 22.00 plus shipping
Se vende por $22.00 mas el envio.

Now the ebay alternative has a small setback because american apparel has made it illegal for anyone else to sell their shirts unless they are printed i have purchased shirts from this ebay seller a bunch of times without being printed and i had no problems whatsoever its a great seller but now apparently they must print something on the shirt, they have some graphics to choose from so that they can legaly sell them. Also if you are familiar with american apparel you know that their shirts are unisex so dont be put off by the male model the shirt is the same.

La alternativa de ebay tiene un pequeño detalla que echa un poco para atras , AA ha echo que sea illegal que otras compañias  vender sus productos en blanco asi que tienen que imprimir un grafico en la camiseta para que sea legal venderlas. Si conoces AA sabes que sus camisetas son unisex.

heres the link:click here
Aqui esta el link

The price per shirt is 10.50 and the shipping is like 5.95 for one so you dont save that much but if you want more than one shirt lets say you get 3 the shipping will be 7.95 and your total for three shirts will be around 49 dollars so you will save alot more than buying them from AA considering 2 shirts there will cost you almost the same price as 3.

El precio por camiseta es $10.50 y el encio es 5.95 por una entonces no ahorras mucho pero si quieres comprar 3 te ahorras el precio de una camiseta entera.

ok next are just a few cute things i found on ebay.
solo unas cosas monas que encontre en ebay.

This tiger necklace looks pretty, it probably isnt very good quality but i will buy it...considering the low price there really isnt much to lose.

Este collar de tigre me parece bonito, no sera muy buena calidad pero por el precio hay poco que perder.

it costs 2.51 icluding shipping.
Heres the link:
Click here

vale $2.51 con los gastos de envio.

Next find wont let me copy the photo but ill paste the link, I know some people arent into bling and sparkle but i really love crystalizing things, I have used real swarovski crystals and put them on one by one and paid people to do that but really its not worth it because the crystals fall off and cellphones break so if you want a very cheap although not as shiny alternative that still looks pretty cool you can buy crystal stickers that come in all kinds of designs that you can use on any flat surface i found some cute ones on ebay for 2,00 dollars including shipping.  One sheet may not be enough but with 2 it surely will plus you can cut them up and use them for the front and back and whatnot.
 click here for crystal stickers

esta parte no la voy a traducir por que me canso ya! y como es solo el primer post dudo que muchas lo lean!

I have tons of more ebay alternatives and finds but this entrys taking so long to write! and i really want to know like i said before what the readers want to see.
leave me lots of comments!

tengo montones de mas alternativas y encuentros en ebay pero esto me esta tardando tanto en escribir! dejadme muchos comentarios!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Welcome to the blogging community! Really like the owl neckless so cute. :)***

Adrienne said...

Hey :) thanks for following my blog! That sucks about the american apparel t-shirts, I sell a lot on ebay and was actually going to list so american apparel plain t-shirts :( can't believe its illegal :( x


good price :)