Some of my favourites

Here are a few favourite things i have and own.
Aguna de mis favoritas cosas.
 h&m guns and roses tee
Swarovski crystal teddy bear given to me by my boyfriend on our fist valentines day, I love the chain because its really long,and it looks good with everything dressy or casual.

 This american apparel cardigan is so comfy! Its really warm yet light. I wear it in winter under a coat in spring with dresses and in summer at night when it gets a bit cooler.

Ive got a few tattoos but definitley like this one the best.
another present from my boyfriend its also quite big and has leopard print interior i didnt think the diamonds and the print would be shimmery but it has a bit of shimmer which i dont like but its not that noticable, I just love the shape and the little bag charms that come with it.

Purple brush set from ebay awesome quality.    

28 neutral palette great colors, great for casual looks.

Love this perfume smells like cinnamon and vanilla yet flowery at the same time.

these are just a few things...Ive got tons more favorites but i think this post is long enough! dont forget to checkout my GIVEAWAY!

charging my camera battery so i can take some pics i might do a whats in my bag or something later.


C'EST DEMODE said...

I love your tatt and the guns and roses tee.. I actually did a post not too long ago about guns and roses. Anyways I really love your blog I'm now following!

xxo Tess S.

Becky-May said...

wow I love your tee and that tattoo! cant wait til im 18 and get one myself :)

The Flower Girl



Michelle said...

Your boyfriend has the best tastes in what to get you for presents! :))

Alex said...

I know ist it great :) lol.

Adrienne said...

We have the same bag, i have quite a few paul boutique bags i love them :) and the same t-shirt haha! You are right the H&M shade is sooo similar i've yet to try h&m nail polish out x

Alex said...

lol great minds think alike! :)

Passing fancy said...

omg, i like all your picks,especially teddy bear :3