16 days blogging.216 followers. 455 comments.
Thank you for this, I really appreaciate all your comments. I put alot of effort into writing my posts, taking photos, researching etc. and im really glad its paying off.  Just wanted to say I love you guys for keeping me motivated. I have a few upcoming reviews(in my sidebar), and dont forget my giveaways which are just an easy way of sharing the love. Im also now going to blog in two languages, I edited some of my posts (badly) but now its going to be totally bilingual, because as some of you know I am american but im living in spain. Do not ask me to follow you if you comment me I will, because i like to read other blogs and keep up to date with all of your lovely posts!

16 dias con mi blog. 216 seguidores. 455 comentarios.
Gracias por esto, aprecio muchisimo vuestros comentarios. Pongo mucho esfuerzo en escribir mis posts, haciendo fotos, buscando informacion etc. Y estoy muy feliz que esta dando resultado. Solo queria decir que os quiero por motivarme. Tengo unos cuantos productos que voy a dar mi opinion sobre ellos proximamente (podeis ver la lista en mi sidebar),y no olvideis entrar en mis giveaways que solo son una manera facil de compartir con vosotros. Ahora voy a escribir mi blog en dos idiomas, Edite algunos de mis posts pasados(malamente) pero ahora va ser totalmente billingue, Porque como algunos sabeis yo soy americana pero vivo en españa. No me pidais que os siga si me comentais ya os seguire, porque me gusta leer otros blogs y ver todos vuestros Posts!(lo siento por mi horible ortografia solo llevo en españa 4 años)


Michelle said...

I envy you! I wanna learn how to speak Spanish! :(

Anyways, congratulations! I totally see the effort you put into taking pictures 'cause they're lovely!

Keep doing what you're doing!

Brooke said...

16 days? Goodness girl you're going to be a hit! You already are !

Emily Anne said...

16 days is amazing.
I am proud to be one of your followers though,
your blog is lovely and refreshing!
And I wish you all the luck,
and I can't wait to keep reading your posts.

By the way, it is awesome your blog is bi-lingual!

coy colleen said...

what a great accomplishment! congrats!
you have a bright future in the blogosphere :)

Beauty meets Kawaii said...

Congratulations on your success Alex!! ^_^

Kisses, Melanie

xNTA said...

Congrats Alex! :) And thank you for dropping by and commenting on my best friend's first blog post. She and I both really appreciate it.

Have a great one! x NTA @ blogspot.com


Wow i like the look of your blog and you look very pretty! you kinda remind me of Kim K.:-)

Jane Alisa said...

Lovely post, well done :-). You look very pretty in that picture too. xoxo

minnja said...

Big congrats, great :)



Marta Valdés said...

Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario y por tu apoyo,¡y por supuesto que me encantaría que me comentases porque tu blog me parece fantástico,así que es todo un placer y un orgullo!!

Elsie and the Moon said...

Wow! I wish I could speak Spanish fluently enough to blog in it! Your blog is so cute! It has a real handmade feel to it, gorgeous! xXx


lotsalashes said...

Lovely language very sexy!..love your blog really cute..keep up the fab blog xx


J.Ashley said...

Love your blog


kirstyb said...

blogging in 2 languages is a great idea xxxx

gingerSnap said...

You rock Alex! Keep up the good work.

crystal glamour said...


sncport said...

congrats on getting so many followers in such a short period of time, quite impressed! What I'm even more impressed with are your photos. They all have a vintage look. how did you achieve that?

Mister King said...

okay, im jealous as shit that you have so many followers already...how did you manage such an accomplishment besides being a dime? I mean that very respectfully, because you are very pretty.

P.S., I know that if you are in spain you must know how important football is and im sure spain is so happy right now bc their native boy just signed a large contract to play for chelsea fc in england. Where in spain are you?