60 2 way nail art color pens swatches part 1 and 2

So ive had these nailpolishes for a while and ive only used a few, this took me a ridiculous amount of time to swatch since I only used my left hand, sorry for the blurry photos messyness in general and colored nail edges...I just couldnt get all of it off before doing the next color, This is only part 1 ill do part 2 next. You can find these on ebay for about 30 bucks check them out here.I used one coat on all of these, they all come with a nail pen for nail art and a thin brush as well.

Darle al link para comprar 60 colores de esmalte por 30 dollares en ebay mirad todos los colores! lo siento por la suciedad de la uña esto fue muy dificil hacer!
A shimmery dark green
A vibrant lime color
A bright light green
sort af a teal green with shimmer.
clear light green with light green glitter

army green.
Just green lol.
clear yellowish green with multicolor glitter.
bright sky blue.
A moss green with Golden shimmer
bright sky blue with shimmer
clear green with multicolor glitter.
deep chocolate brown.
brown with shimmer.
looks red but more of a shimmery bronze.
violet with shimmer.
Fuschia with shimmer

clear dark green with multicolor glitter.
aqua blue with shimmer.
Royal blue with shimmer.
clear aqua blue with blue glitter.
dark blue
clear light blue with blue glitter.
bright dark blue.
clear bright pink with pink glitter.
clear light pink with silver glitter.
purple with shimmer

For Part 2 I did it a bit differently I started off the same, but then I was like I cant do this! Its just too much so I took the photos a bit differently again sorry for the extreme messynes, Im not showing of my nail art skills(which are non existent) just showing you the colors the best i can!!

clear red with silver glitter
Blood red
dark red
Bright red
Deep red

clear bright red with silver glitter
Pinks on nails from right to left

Yellows On nails left to right

Oranges from Right to left

Silver and whites on nails left to right

Blacks and white from left to right on nails



TrailerHood Chic said...

OOO I love those green's. Don't feel bad, I still have red & pink residue on my nails from doing swatches the past few days.

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

So pretty! All of them are 30$?


Alex said...

you get 60 colors for 30 this is only like half of them

LC said...

Alexxx! I am lovinggg that purple! Greens are super fab too! - Wanted to tell you that my makeup spot does have a mirror above it. I thought I posted the pic in the blog post and I didnt.. so I edited the blog and posted it for you! Check it out! :) Its an oversized mirror that was once gold but I spray painted it black and put it above the desk! Works so well in that area! Love it!

- and our oversized bags obsession is great, isnt it?!

Georgia said...

I'm never 'into' wearing brighter shades of nail varnish, but I love some of these colours, so pretty!:) X

Vanilla said...

I love the army green :)

Love, Vanilla


lydia-lee said...

wow such cute colours! i want them all!

im having a alexander wang esque studded bag giveaway if you want to have a look hon! xx

Eri said...

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Nice blog!
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Hope to see you soon.

Jane Alisa said...

I love nail art & your glittery green nails look amazing. xoxo

Elisabeth said...

like it
very nice (:


Brooke said...

I love the blues!!

Michelle said...

Their color range is amazing! :D We have that here but only with a limited color range. :)

Sara Louise said...

oh there are some amazing colours here ! love the 'Just Green'

Barbie said...

Thanks for all those swatches! I know it's a lot of work!


Jeanie Photography said...

The blue ones look really nice!!!:)

Love the glitter.. ;)



sarameugh said...

wow, this must've taken time!
lol, I love the greens, their hot :)
Am following you now btw !
also, just to let you know I'm doing a giveaway on my blog =] you should check it out =]
Sara xx

Renegade said...

this must have taken you ages to paint and then remove each colour! credit to you! haha!
love your blog btw i am now officially a follower :)

Adrienne said...

heya :) could you please give me the ebay link for these? Id solove to have these :) x

Alex said...

its in the post where it says

check them out here

theres 60 colors in total but i only swatched half

Hayley said...

Ooh, I love those glittery greens.
Great blog, you have a new follower :)

Adrienne said...

Ah thanks :) I must have missed that haha! x

La Belle Muse said...

Wow girl! you have so many nailpolishes!!
impressive :)

Silence is Loud said...

wow!! 60 for only 30???!!?? i should get some too! <3

Marcy said...

Those polishes are so cute!!


samantha said...

so many pretty nail polishes! xx

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i wish i have time to paint my nails!!! lol.

hope u come visit me and follow my blog too. thanks!


Angela said...

This is a great post. I bought these a while ago and haven't really used them... I might need to now!
Ang xxx

The Buttonboxx said...

love this post. This must of took you a long time!

Anonymous said...

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