A short little haul post on the stuff i got this week hope you guys like the new header and background :).

Algunas cosillas que me compre esta semana.

so this dress was on sale and since i dont have any maxi dresses and i thought the print was really cute I bought it, just doesnt look too good on the model because its too short on her but i hope it fits me well :).

cats and bunnys and mushrooms and bows and ducks and stars...
Zara rose perfume smells amazing!

citrus burst face wash love this!

the falsies volume express... not so good... doesnt really do much for my lashes.

whooga uggs I will review them when they arrive

sony ericsson x10 mini pro

Ardell demi lash

Ardell individual lashes

If you guys want me to review anything just ask :)



Vanilla said...

Love your new layout :) I will have to try the Zara Rose perfume :)

Love, Vanilla


crystal glamour said...

all great items

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Mary Nevin said...

great products!!

Michelle said...


Imo said...

I love ardell demi lashes, they give a lovely soft flirty look

JuicyLucee said...

Hii :)

you should try using the Body Shop Super volume mascara, i love it, makes my lashes look so much longer!

They have a new one big and curvy mascara but i've not tried that one yet lol :)



Alex said...

michelle my boyfriends bought me these too lol and juicylucee Ill definitly look out for the mascara i love lengthening mascaras.