200 Followers Giveaway

So i didnt really feel like doing part 2 of the swatches...but i will post it tommorow I promise! Im feeling lazy so Im just going to start a giveaway with the products I was going to use for my failed contest.Its my 200 followers giveaway...so I dont have 200 followers quite yet but theres only 4 left so whatever.Today is my too week blogging anniversary!

Giveaway de 200 seguidores!


The Rules
  • You must be a follower of my blog 1 entry
  •  Follow me on twitter for  1 entry  my twitter
  • Tweet about my giveaway  2 entrys
  • Put a link in your sidebar 2 entrys
  • You can have a total of 6 entrys if you do everything.
  • The giveaway will close February 28th.
  • To enter leave a comment Below with your name, email, and blog address and if aplicable to your twitter and tweet.
  • I will pay shipping for the items and all items are new and have never been used, swatched at most.
  • This contest is open internationally 
  • The winner will be chosen with randome.org

Las Reglas
  • Tendras que ser sequidora de mi blog 1 entrada.
  •  Sequir mi twitter  1 entrada  my twitter
  • Tweet sobre mi giveaway  2 entradas.
  • Pon un link en tu pagina 2 entradas.
  • Puedes tener un total de 6 entradas.
  • El giveaway cerrara Febrero 28.
  • Para entrar deja un comentario con tu nombre, email, blog, y si aplica tu twitter.
  • Pagare los gastos de envios todo es nuevo!
  • El concurso es internacional.
  • Eligire la ganadora con randome.org

Three eyeshadow pigments in purple and blue shades.

Red wayferer sunglasses with white polka dots

 Large red hairbow with sequins.

Triumph fleur de lise Tshirt with sequins, sheer in a size medium.

Dangle chain earrings with pearls black stones and hearts.

Hello Kitty watermelon stuffed animal...supersoft!

L.A. Colors ligloss in Pearl pink, Nyx lipstick in electra and peach.

 Studded white sneakers in a size 40, lightly scuffed but came that way from the store, theyll fit around a size 8-9.5 us sizes

Good Luck!


Rockin' Mama said...

I follow your blog!


Angela Van said...

Entry 1.

I'm following your blog via GFC as Angela Van.
Thanks for the giveaway!
I'm in LOVE with those studded sneakers!

E-mail: angelanvan@gmail.com

Angela Van said...

Where can I find your twitter?

Alex said...

where it says my twitter

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow, so many things! Such a great giveaway! xoxoxoo

Jane Alisa said...

Great give away. Love your blog. xoxo

Rockin' Mama said...

I am also following your twitter via @MsTwistedFate

Fuckin' rad giveaway!

Sydney H. said...

So this means I shouldnt upload the valentines post? that one is cancelled?

I will be tweeting about the contest as you and I have already tweeted before :)

Name is sydney. H
Email: sydhoff3@hotmail.com
blog is treatsandtreasures3.blogspot.com

I already have your contest on my side bar
I already said this but I love everything your giving away!!

-Sydney xo

Michelle said...

Hey hey! :)

I am a follower of your blog through Blogger. [Michelle]

I am following your twitter [iwantyourbunny]

I tweeted about your contest too! :)

And I put your contest in the sidebar! :D


Meri said...

I am a follower!


Melsa said...

thank you for the lovely giveaway!!
Name:Melsa Araujo.
Email: melsaaraujo@gmail.com
Blog : melsa-araujo.blogspot.com
twitter: melsaaraujo
i also tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/melsaaraujo/status/31975929890742272

laovejarosa said...

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Katrina said...

I'm Katrina, misskatv@gmail.com

- Followed you blog
- I put your contest in the sidebar (http://misskatv.blogspot.com)
- Tweeted your giveaway (imisskatv)

The Buttonboxx said...

oh enter me!
Loving the blog gets better and better

its simple love said...

Awesome! I am following you! Thanks for your comments on my blog!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie! Aww, what a truly stunning Giveaway! Everything looks SO amazing. Thank you so much for thinking of us :)

I’m a follower of yours, of course!

I have totally linked your giveaway in my sidebar!

I’m also following you on Twitter (@brittanylovexx)

My email address is: brittanylove@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you again sugar! And congratulations on your 200 followers!

Love Britt xxx

nicolthepickle said...

I follow you with GFC as nicolthepickle.
Thank you so much :).

nicolthepickle said...

I follow you on twitter as nicolthepickle.

nicolthepickle said...

Tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/Nicolthepickle/status/32482708785471488

nicolthepickle said...

Tweeted number 2 Tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/Nicolthepickle/status/32482708785471488

Camelia Andrasescu said...

enter me,please!
I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
I follow you on twitter (@cameliaadriana)
I tweeted here : http://twitter.com/#!/cameliaadriana/status/32506765320921091

Camelia Andrasescu said...

Sorry ,but february don't has 30 days

Anonymous said...

Sorry to point it out to you, I don't mean to rude or anything, but there are only 28 days in February! :$

Elenita said...

hola! me apunto
Te sigo como Elenita
Te publico en el lateral:


Alex said...

oops my bad!! february 28th not 30! I was thinking there where only 28 but i searched in google and stuff showed up for the 30th so i was like ok...

Maribel F. said...

Hola! Me apunto al sorteo, son un montón de cositas :_)
Mi nick como seguidora es Maribel F.
Mi e-mail es mfuentes1987@gmail.com
Te sigo en twitter, mi nick es makeupmb.
Retwittee (o como se escriba en castellano si se puede xD) tu sorteo
Un besote!

Rosalina said...

I follow your blog via GFC - Rosalina
I tweeted - https://twitter.com/#!/lady164/status/32814623317032960
I don't find your twitter to follow you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Giveaway!
I am a gfc follower - ligata!
vena.nedkova at gmail dot com

doroffee said...

It's such a pretty giveaway! :)
I'd like to enter, too!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant Giveaway!!!

gfc: stephanie cummins
email: stephmcuk@yahoo.co.uk

twitter: stephmcuk
tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/stephmcuk/status/32934602930659328

sidebar: http://veryrandomrambles.blogspot.com/

blog addresS: http://veryrandomrambles.blogspot.com/

Thankyou very much xox

Fashion said...

I follow you via GFC as Alexandra C (+1)
I follow you on Twitter as @cantlovefashion & tweeted (+3)
Put a link in my sidebar (+2)


Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

hi dear! nice blog.. love it ;)
enter me please..
-already following you dear ;D
-follow and tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/azhezha/status/32992932596285440
-put on my sidebar: http://sarahazhezha.blogspot.com/
email: zhe_zha@yahoo.com
thanks for the giveaway dear..
wanted the sneakers and the lipgloss..

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah

Rachel Anne Palma said...

Hello! What a nice giveaway! :) Enter me pleaseeee.

I follow you through GFC as: Rachel Anne Palma

Posted about the giveaway on my blog's sidebar: http://extraordinarilyunpredictable.blogspot.com/

I follow you on twitter as: @cassie_eight

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/cassie_eight/status/32999841357365248

E-mail: rachelanne.palma@yahoo.com

Thanks! God Bless! :)

Advogada Tatiana said...

what a lovely giveaway=)please enter me=)

I follow you via GFC = Advogada Tatiana and on twitter: @Advogada_Tati
I also tweeted about your giveaway here:http://twitter.com/#!/Advogada_Tati/status/33006422019022848


Thanks for sharing dear:)
x Tati

Gem said...

Enter me please!
I think my gfc name is Gem lol
email: gem_woody@hotmail.com
I also follow you on twitter (@gem_woody)


Anca said...

I am totally in love with those shoes. <3 And the bow...and the pigments...and...Gotta stop now...

GFC: Anca
Email: lovelly_ank@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

Please enter me!

I follow your blog via GFC as Barb. My email is bonjourcocoandaudrey@gmail.com



anna said...
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anna said...

Enter me please!

I follow you via GFC as anna
My e-mail : mayaanicka[at]yahoo[dot]com
I follow you on twitter as @anickamaya
I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/anickamaya
I added the link on my blog here: http://beautifulanickamaya.blogspot.com/2011/01/giveaway-uri.html
Thanks for the giveaway

AYL said...

Thanks for this giveaway! im following through GFC under the name AYL. my email address is audreyliangy at gmail dot com

Dennis Satıyor said...

Enter me please! :)

GFC: Dennis Satiyor
twitter: twitter.com/dnzu
my mail is: dennissatiyor@gmail.com

Thx! Xoxo

manix said...

hello, i follow u as shadow_alley_cat
my email is shadow_alley_cat@yahoo.com
i follow u on twitter as: manix_linu
and i tweeted about ur giveaway

awesome giveaway!

Anonymous said...

1. Follow via GFC as Monik.
2. Follow you on twitter as @monikaretnani.
3. Tweet about this giveaway here.
4. Put a link about this giveaway in my sidebar here.


liz said...

Gosh ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.
Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz.
Here I spread words about your giveaway in my blog : http://pintaliztiirene.blogspot.com/2010/12/december-january-giveaways.html
I follow you on twitter bird name doki doki co :) and twit here http://twitter.com/#!/dokidokico/status/33493024612810753

Much Thankies for the chance dear
Good luck for me and everyone :)


Naliadna said...

oh great and the shoes are just my size =)

follower: naliadna
email: naliadna@gmail.com
sidebar: http://atashinomono.blogspot.com

thank you so much!

Cherish 혜연유 ♥ said...

Name: Cherish 혜연유 ♥ (I'm your blog follower)
E-mail: cherishaeyan.blogspot.com
Blog address: http://cherishaeyan.blogspot.com/2011/02/alexs-200-giveaway.html
I've followed & tweeted about your giveaway bu using cherishaeyan.

Thank you very much! :D

Kendra said...

im a new follower.!

__fstk said...

great giveaway! Please enter me^^

+1 I follow via GFC as __fstk
+1 I follow you on twitter as @__fstk
+2 tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/__fstk/status/35111987713150976

email: chatlaxx_qiz@hotmail.com


kimkey said...

enter me plz!!
gfc name: kimkey
email: lockeybasic239@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

enter me..
gfc: sakshi Kalia

Emily R. said...

I follow your blog as Emily R


GGrosu said...

I follow your twitter with geaninaG

kit_kat_74 said...

Hi, please enter me! I follow via GFC as mrgee, email is kit_kat_74(at)hotmail(dot)com.

HelenCC said...

A super awesome giveway!
I like the Studded white sneaker so much!

+1 entry. Of course I'm ur blog follower with username: Helencc
+1 entry. I'm follow ur twitter.
+2 entry. I jz tweet about your giveaway by provide a link too.
+2 entry. I do put a link in my sidebar^^

Alex, I do blogging about this giveaway in my blog~
the link:
Enter it when u free ^^

Name: helencc
Email: helen_edison@yahoo.com
Blog URL: http://helencc.blogspot.com

hopefully I'm the lucky one!

tuly said...

hi enter me please
gfc name tuly
email tulypaillettes@hotmail.com
I dont have twiiter or a blog sorryy :(

Panda said...

Hello , love your blog! please enter me in your giveaway.
my blog is http://lapisllamas.blogspot.com/
I have posted a link to your giveaway!
email: to_40oz_freedom@hotmail.com

futbol hastasi hatun said...

enter me plz.
gfc name: futbol hastasi hatun (m-3-h-t-a-p)

mail: m-3-h-t-a-p@hotmail.com


ı posted your giveaway:)

lushysprinkles said...

Ohhh, hello there =))

Name : Mariell Bianca Libuangan
E-mail: iamsatisfied143@yahoo.com
blog Address: lushysprinkles.blogpot.com

Followed you already :)

Cristina said...

Hello! It's a splendid giveaway!I'm a GFC follower of your blog with name Cristina P., unfortunately I dont have a blog ..)) Please enter me! My email address : cryslight.office@gmail.com
Bye and all the best!

Darkflayer said...

Enter me please!

I follow you as dakflayer, I'm a Gfc Darkflayerand I give Like on facebook

My E-mail:yssa_dark_angel@yahoo.com

Extra Entrys:

I posted here your giveaway:

+ 2 and also I put on my side bar

thank you

• PinkMeUp • said...

Enter me please! My name is Mihaela Roman, I'm from Romania and I follow you trough GFC as PinkMeUp. My e-mail: mihaela_mimi_ro@yahoo.com or bibik_ta@yahoo.com .
I link on my sidebar about this giveaway: http://pinkm3up.blogspot.com/

Andreea♥ said...

Enter me please!
I follow you via GFC:Andreea♥

Ego Makeup said...

Enter me please!
Mi nombre de seguidora es Ego Makeup.
Mi e-mail: egomakeup@hotmail.com
He publicado tu sorteo en mi blog www.egomakeup.blogspot.com

Gracias por el sorteo guapa!

imasupergirl said...

Hey, girl! I am so happy to enter this fab giveaway!
*Follower via GFC (Alexandra Andrei)
*Twitter follower (alex_supergirl)
*Twitter post here: http://twitter.com/#!/alex_supergirl/status/38005831316422656
My email adress: alex_sup3rgirl[at]yahoo[dot]com

J said...

Name: Jerrica L
E-mail: jaekayy@gmail.com
Blog Address: jaekayy.blogpot.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/themoobinator

I follow your blog & also tweeted about your giveaway ^^

Zofiana said...

I follow as Zofiana


adelynush87 said...

i follow you via GFC as adelynush87
via twitter: @adelynush87
i tweeted about your giveaway here http://twitter.com/#!/adelynush87
email adress:adelynush87@yahoo.com

viorela said...

lovely giveaway, fingers crossed.
- gfc follower as viorela
- i follow you on twitter as violet_porto
-- tweet:
mail: violet.porto[at]yahoo[dot]com

Daya, muito prazer... said...

Name: Daiane Negretti
follower GFC: Daya, muito prazer
E-mail: daia171@hotmail.com

enter me plz

Jessica said...

Lovely giveaway **
Follower GFC: Jex
E-mail: jexkitty@hotmail.it
Enter me please :)

Makeup and more * said...

Congratulations on your 200 followers :)

My GFC name is makeup and more* and my mail is ohlalamakeup@hotmail.es

I put your giveaway in my sidebar



Ida Pie said...

Please enter me!

GFC Follower Name: Ida Pie
Email: ida-pie(at)hotmail(dot)com
Follow you on Twitter: SweetIdaPie
Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/SweetIdaPie/status/38345611635986432
Blog (Sidebar): http://idapie.blogspot.com/

Thank you!

mirjana said...

those prizes are amazing <3
my name is mirjana
email: kittythequeen@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Parabéns pelo grande sorteio. Espero poder ganhar, (:
Nome: Myrella Dantas de Almeida
e-mail: myh_lipstick@hotmail.com

Cecil said...

I'm in! I'm now public follower of your blog.
Name: cecil
email: sessew@hotmail.com

Globetrotter said...

Hello!! my GFC is globetrotter and my mail is loliyaaaa@hotmail.com


Ms Bubu said...

Enter me please! I thought I already entered the giveaway, but apparently I just forgot :)

1. I follow: MsBubu, msbubu26 (at) gmail (dot) com, Stephanie
2. I follow on Twitter: MsBubu26
3. I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/MsBubu26/status/40408836623962112
4. I linked in the sidebar: http://msbubuandhergirlyness.blogspot.com
Thank you!

miha.ela said...

I'm in! I'm now public follower of your blog.
Name: miha.ela
email: mihaela.mihordea(@) gmail(.) com

tks !

toader said...

I follow via GFC as Elena.
I follow on twitter as @babygirlMV
I twitted here http://twitter.com/babygirlMV/statuses/40437884469248001
email: elenat86(at)gmail(dot)com

NatyJareth said...
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Tabinda K said...

enter me please

Joey said...

Enter me, please :)

Name: Joey W.
Email: everydayoutfits11@gmail.com
Blog: http://everydayoutfits.blogspot.com

1) Followed you on GFC as everydayoutfits
2) Followed you on Twitter @everydayoutfits
3) and 4) Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/everydayoutfits/status/40942662492233729
5) and 6) Linked in my sidebar

Thanks for organising this!

Elena said...

Hi! Enter me!

I am your follower via GFC /Elena/
Follow you on Twitter @elenarudaya

endlessummer /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

BTW I have a giveaway on my blog as well! Please check it out and enter http://endles-s-summer.blogspot.com/2011/02/52-followers-giveaway.html

Daniela Salsa said...

Hi :) enter me please

Follower name: Daniela Salsa
im following you via twitter: follower name is comesalsa

I tweeted about your giveaway

email: come-salsa@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

GFC: Malkatz

Follow you on Twitter

Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/giveawaygirlie/status/41753715060776960


mehak said...

enter me please
email: binte_shabbir@yahoo.com

Irene said...

I'm a follower with the name irene.olocco
my email is irene.olocco@hotmail.it

Kate M said...


I follow your blog via GFC as Kate
I follow you on twitter as @mylittlebear80
I tweeted


CYBELLE said...

I`m in love for this giveaway!
I`m GFC follower as CYBELLE, cybelle.wicca@gmail.com

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