so anyways...

This guy is my half brother...we havent talked in years, and since my blog is about fashion and beauty just thought id let you guys know. quite funny really. For you who dont know who he is doesnt matter, im not here to name drop, and i really dont want to be known as his sister like in high school...just thought it was interesting since many of you probably know of him. Happy Friday <3.

Est es mi  hermano un estilista de estado unidense.



MARiZA Munich, Germany said...

Hello Lovely,

wow i love your blog! You are so beautiful!!! Perfect!!! Your blog is a inspiration for me! Thanks so much!

I follow you! PLEASE follow me too! thanks&kisses

Have a great time!

with love

Chelsea Lane said...

haha how funny! he has a silly little dog ;)


Michelle said...

I was waiting for the punch line. And when there wasn't one, I was like


Milly said...

Loving your blog... I'm following!

Would love you to enter my giveaway:



Passing fancy said...

schoking news haha :D

kaarim said...

Wow, yeah, wow:) Shocking:D Great blog though:)