Another Valentines post

So this has taken me sooo long to do!!
I hope you guys like...just some inspiration for valentines day outfits :)

Un poco de inspiracion para conjuntos de sanvalentin.

Top 5 romantic movies I recommend watching on valentines day with your guy.
1.Mr.Nobody(best movie ever) watch it!Seriously!
2.Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
3.The notebook
4.Youth in revolt
5.Knocked up

Dont Forget!


angel said...

All look nice!!!

Mary Nevin said...

ahh i love these!! especially 2 & 5!! great post!!!

makeupbykatie said...

These are so cute!

ahoel2 said...

the red platform wedges are my favourite. cute blog.

Xx Annie


Wise Rabbit Says said...

i love the first outfit those topshop red wedges are amazing !
i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think !

Vanilla said...

I love the first outfit :) especially the bracelet

Love, Vanilla


Karen said...

Great looks for valentines day!!! I think I would love to wear the first one!!



Gem said...

I try to block valentines out because I'm such a spinster but I love all these looks. I would love a pair of the melissa vivenne westwood shoes but they are all so tiny and don't fir m :( Those red wedges are amazing!

elena-anna said...

love your blog , it's really something. check mine and if you like it follow me and i will follow you

Giulia Sulis said...



vinda sonata said...

hey there,
great picks. i find the combination of colors and valentine-pink very beautiful
thanks for sharing, love :)

Katrina said...

the 5th one looks so elegant!
Great post!

~new follower :)

kokool said...

I love the last clutch ( from Alexander McQueen?) :)

Alex said...

yup its from Alexander Mcqueen

Becky-May said...

love them all! especially the first!

The Flower Girl


Toni Tralala said...

The polkadot dress, red shoes and jewelry! You're going to look stunning on Valentine's Day! :)

P.S. I'm currently hosting an international Apothica giveaway. Come and join, Alex! :)

Friend in Fashion said...

All very pretty looks, can't go past those amazing red wedges! :)

Friend in Fashion

Kasia said...

You put together very cute outfits! I would wear them myself :)


VĂ¢niaMoure said...

lovee the first shoes, wanteeed

The Merry Traveller said...

There are some very drool-worthy items in that list! My favourites are: that polka dot dress, the lips clutch, the scallop top, the nautical ring, the vivienne westwood shoes.

I know i tried the scallop top before in a different colour in topshop. I am like a size 20 squeezing into a size 16 and it ended up being very short!

Sarah said...

I really like that polka dot dress!

NikkiT said...

how pretty are these looks! and the layout is lovely.<3

Jade Briony said...

in the look 'classy date' WHERE? is that dress from? :O i love it. It's so me!
nice blog by the way!


Alex said...

its from topshop