Valentines Day

So heres a little valentines themed post. I will be posting more valentines posts up untill valentines day. Here are a few gift ideas for your significant other that are not overly pricey you dont have to spend a ton of money to give a great gift.

Unas Ideas para regalitos de san valentin para ver click en los links!
mp3 player from ebay it needs a memory card but it think its a great bargain you can use up to an 8gb card, and who doesnt love music, plus it only costs 6.79 including shipping so you can buy an sd memory card which arent expensive and put all the music he likes in it before you give it to him.click here to see

Skull candy headphones come in a ton of colors and styles are good quality and are not too expensive check them out

my boyfriend loves this necklace, If your guy is into things that are a little more unique checkout these crow skull necklaces on etsy clicky!

Men can have beauty products too! Checkout this site for homemade beauty products for men in very manly scents that come in very nice packaging and arent too expensive either. You can put toegether a whole beauty kit! just click here!
I absolutley love how this smells! Paco rabanne one million is definitley a good choice if your looking for cologne it smells amazing,very fresh yet masculine and the bottle is very pretty.
For the fashion savvy male these are some great shoes that i think are very versatile...plus they are on sale click!

warm slippers...there is nothing better than a good pair of slippers...and if they are shaped like godzillas feet i think thats a definite plus! they are also on sale :) clickity

A bit pricier but i nice gift for a creative guy, my boyfriend got me one on our first valentines day an i was very surprised did not expect it at all, a truly original gift. click here!
so thats it for now hope my post was helpfull and you guys like it :).
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Toni Tralala said...

Thanks for this! I've been wanting to get my hubsters skull candy earphones.

I'll look at crow skull necklaces!

I hate you... He got you a Mini Diana!? I've been wanting that since foreverrr! lol. Please do share some photos you took with it, okay? <3

Love from California!

Alex said...

not the mini the normal sized and i would post up pictures but i only used it twice on vacation(shame on me) because the film was like 10 bucks and they didnt give me a cd with the photos or anything...damnit now i want to find those pictures they where pretty cool...i wonder where they are...anyways you have inspired me to use it since it does take awesome photos and i totally forgot i had it until i was writing this post found it in my drawer and put it on display on my shelf :) silly me

Michelle said...

Definitely on the lookout for a good pair of shoes for the boyfriend! Thanks! Great post!

Syrious said...

aaaah can't believe!!
in love with the men necklace!!!
it really rocks at all!!!!
i want it!!! nice blog
i'm following you! hope you'll do the same!!


HitomiNeko said...

HI dear. thx for following me! I really like this post! I think I will mention it in my next post since I am also thinking about Vday Gifts for the other.. ^^

Click here to help!
Cute Stuff!
xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Vanilla said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Great gift ideas :) I love surprising my guy with little gifts.

Love, Vanilla


Anonymous said...

Nice choices!

thomessa said...

I like this idea! And I love that little camera, it's cute!

Amy Joy said...

Nice ideas!
I need to buy something for my boyfriend ASAP!
Nice Blog!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These are fabulous Valentine's Day gift ideas! There are a couple things here I know my boyfriend would LOVE. :)

Toni Tralala said...

@Alex You seriously should! The package is like $160 and you get 5 rolls of film with the camera plus a lens and the list goes on. He should have gotten you the package deal in stead.

I'm choosing between a Diana Mini or a Jack Holga. It's something I've been wanting for three years now.

You seriously should. I'll do the same once I get mine. Maybe on my birthday in March. We can do a joint themed photo shoot from my area and you with yours. That would be fun. :)

Keep in touch! <3