Awesomest giveaway ever!

Ok lovelys so im very excited for this giveaway! seeing that my other giveaway is ending soon Ive decided to host a little spring giveaway!!! Please read the rules because is is VERY important that you follow them I will be checking, since these items are really expensive Im going to be more strict than in my other giveaways. I wish you all the best of luck!!!

Bueno chicas tengo un sorteo para vosotras no os olvideis de seguir las reglas, y os deseo buena suerte!

aqui podeis ver las fotos de los productos que voy a sortear!

The goodies!!

2 mac full sized pigments in vanilla and moonlight night
2  mac lipsticks in mac red and kinda sexy
1 mac prep and prime skin brightening serum
5 mac eyeshadows in typographic, purplehaze, expensive pink, chrome yellow, and aquadisiac.

and just because  I thought it was adorable a swarovski hello kitty couture pop from sugarfactory.com in the watermelon flavor.

There will be no changes to the items in the giveaway they have already been ordered and I will not change the colors or the flavor of the couturepop!

you must have a blog
you must follow my blog publicly
you must post a link to my giveaway on your sidebar and if not post about it
everyone gets one entry
the giveaway ends march 21st
it is open internationaly
comment below saying enter me
I will choose the winner by randome.org

tienes que tener un blog
tienes que ser seguidora de mi blog
tienes que poner un link a mi sorteo o escribir sobre el sorteo.
todo el mundo tiene una entrada
termina marzo 21
es internacional
deja un comentario diciendo enter me
escojere la ganadora con randome.org


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lady_flower123 said...

Enter me please ;)
Follower (GFC): lady-flower123
Email: ladyf123@hotmail.com
I blog here:

Make Up Made Up said...

This really is awesome! ;) Enter me please.

FashBeauty said...

I <3 the giveaway! Enter me! :)

Followed you via GFC as fashbeauty

Blogged about your contest:

Linked your contest on my sidebar: http://fashbeauty.blogspot.com

email: fashbeauty@yahoo.com
Name: Gweng A.

kimchigirl111 said...

name: rachiee
gfc follower: kimchigirl111
blog sidebar: www.cookiedoughpineapplehearts.blogspot.com

email: rachel_kdrama at ymail dot com

borabora said...

entre moi
GFC borabora
mon mail : sabine.mailfert@laposte.net

Painting Rainbows said...

Enter me please!
Email: Itsrainingstars13@hotmail.com

Here is my blog:

Here is my blog post about your giveaway:

e-nd0rfina said...

Enter me please!
I follow you, my nick is e-nd0rfina
my email is e-nd0rfina@hotmail.com
I post a link to your giveaway on the sidebar and of my blog: http://potingueandoqueesgerundio.blogspot.com

xoxo said...

ooh please ENTER ME!

I follow you on GFC- XOXO

My email is misscarleighrae@gmail.com

I feature this in my sidebar at http://thiinkkpiinkk.blogspot.com/

Thank you!

Mira said...

wow..this was superb!love all the things for sure!

i'm GFC follower as Mira

blog post : http://womenswant.blogspot.com/2011/03/all-pretty-things-awesome-giveaway-ever.html

sidebar : http://womenswant.blogspot.com/

ashihana at live dot com

thnx a lot~

Shiny Happy Day said...

Enter me, please!

My blog is http://shinyandhappyday.blogspot.com/ and you're in the righ side! :)

Thank you!

Tansia Musabbir said...

Enter me!

ShopeDelano said...
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ShopeDelano said...

This is AMAZING. I entered it in my side bar, linked straight to here, called "Amazing giveaway"

I'm now following! Please enter me :)

Blog: http://londonscloset.blogspot.com


Sofis said...

Enter me, please! :)

Follower name: Sofis
Name: Vânia Fernandes
Email: vaniafernandes.explicacoes@gmail.com

I posted about your giveaway: http://sofisbeautysecrets.blogspot.com/2011/03/giveaway-all-pretty-things.html

Thank you! :)

saracr said...

Enter me please!
I follow: saracr
Email: saraccribeiro@gmail.com

Additional entries:

I posted:

Thank you!

Joana Lima said...

Hello ! :)
this is a awesome giveaway :)

Please enter me !

I'm a follower : Joana Lima

I posted in my blog : http://hey-hey-enjoy.blogspot.com/2011/03/sorteio-do-blog-all-pretty-things.html

mail : a-joanamrodrigues@hotmail.com

thanks for the opportunity :)

Sandrinha said...

Enter me!

I put you on my sidebar: http://paixaopelopontodecruz.blogspot.com/

Follower: Sandrinha
Email: xaandrinha@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Enter Me

~*~Fingers Crossed~*~


tavanlovessword said...

great! enter me!




Mariia said...

Enter me. PLEASE :)

Anonymous said...

Enter Me!
Blog: http://rcigarette.blogspot.com/
Email: a-rita-c@hotmail.com

Booni said...

Wow, it's gorgeous!!
Enter me please :)

Mi nick is Booni and i'll post it on the sidebar of my blog http://mispotis.blogspot.com

Thanks for this giveaway!

Maria Death said...

Enter me
I'm your follower, my name is Maria Death

I posted in my blog's siderbar: http://wordsofathemofan.blogspot.com/

Email: mariah.santos18@hotmail.com


MMM^_^ said...

Enter me!!!!

Mi nick: MMM^_^
mail: littlewitch@hotmail.es


I invite you to visit mi new little blog.

Thank a lot!

AllThingsGirly said...

Enter me


Anonymous said...

Enter me please! I'm a follower and I put your giveaway on my sidebar www.littlelucyandpirates.blogspot.com. My email is littlelucyandpirates@gmail.com

thtgurl said...

Enter me please! The prize is amazing! My GFC follower name is thtgurl and my e-mail address is ilovegummyybears@aim.com

thanks :)

Moradita said...

Enter me! please!

my email: moraditamakeup@hotmail.com

I posted in my blog's sidebar


Gabriela said...

Awesome giveaway. Enter me.

I posted about your giveaway on my sidebar: http://conbdebelleza.blogspot.com/

Thank you!

Make Time For Beauty said...

Enter me please :D

email: maketime4beauty@gmail.com


Bella said...

Enter me please :)
I follow you here as Bella, and blogged about this giveaway over at girlmisdirected.blogspot.com



Yudiith^-^ said...

Enter me please! :D


Badjoras said...

Enter me!!!

name: Badjoras
E-mail: passatemposembeleza@gmail.com

jehlei said...

Hii !

email: kid_nee_akito_yuki1(at)hotmail(dot)com

i have blogs: http://jehlei.blogspot.com AND http://butterflies-and-jelly.blogspot.com

i have posted about your giveaway here: http://butterflies-and-jelly.blogspot.com/

LauraChocapic said...

Pleeeease, Enter me!

Big kiss :)

Wishful.Serendipity said...

Enter me

please :)

Followed via GFC (azn-soul)
Posted on blog

email: azn-soul@hotmail.com

Violetta said...


I want to prove MAC and this's the best option, hahaha and thanks to that, now I know you,
email: nycitygirl@live.com
my blog: www.nycitychicgirl.blogspot.com


Victoria said...

Enter me!
GFC: Victoria
Post on my blog about your giveaway: http://aflojaconlospostres.blogspot.com/2011/03/awesome-giveaway.html

Modelinia160 said...

Hey Preciosa..
Mmm No tengo blog no puedo tenerlo ;( I want one so bad..
Bueno lo intentare:
Amo tus posts.. son tan reconfortantes...
Good luck to everyone..
Thanks for doing this even if I dont win.. A lot of us don't have the money to buy M.A.C so thank you very much..XOXO.. Dios te bendiga preciosa. Sigue bella. XD

pansinsal said...

enter me plz=^_^=
mi nick es pansinsal
mi mail es lapansinsal@gmail.com
y mi blog con el anuncio en la barra lateral es http://elblogsinsal.blogspot.com

Kenzie Leigh said...

enter me!! thanks :)

tearyeyedstars said...

I'm a GFC follower (tearyeyedstars)
Posted the giveaway on left sidebar of blog under contests:
ejhtan at gmail dot com

Nivedita said...

Hi. I posted about your blog, then forgot to comment here.
GFC name: Nivedita

posted here

Would like to get an entry


Abby said...

Enter me please!

GFC follower as Abby

Posted about your giveaway on my blog: www.by-abby.blogspot.com


reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

Nivedita said...

Hi Alex, I had posted about your giveaway on March 16, but missed leaving a comment here. I had commented again, but the comment did not show up. Would you mind entering me in this contest?

Nivedita said...

The link is

i-LOVEcosmetics said...

Enter me please! Lovely!


TéFresa said...

Enter me please!

Tânia said...
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Tânia said...

GFC: Tânia
Name: Tânia Morim
blog dreamingbarbie.blogspot.com
(link on sidebar)

eRiN said...

I'd love to enter! You're in my sidebar at http://cheapchickpicks.blogspot.com/

Mína said...

Enter me please!

GFC follower Mína

Posted on my blog: http://miina-blog.blogspot.com/p/blog-giveaways.html

email: miina-blog@centrum.cz

Lara said...

Enter me!!!!

MultiMichi26 said...

enter me


Frankie said...

Enter me please :) <3
I'm going to write a post this evening ok?

María Wices said...

Wow! Lots of MAC things! Enter me! =D

I've put it on my blog http://lovingmakeupandfashion.blogspot.com/

And I need to say that 21st March is my bday lol that was what first took my attention when I saw it on a blog

Kisses and thank you from a new follower!

LittleSae said...

Enter me!!
He seguido las reglas. Mi blog es http://littlesae.blogspot.com/

Thank you.

*Raíssa said...

Enter me!

I posted in my blog's sidebar: http://pensamentos-aereos.blogspot.com/

E-mail: raissa_rj @ hotmail . com

Anonymous said...

Enter me!!
Nick: Bewitched Celestial
email: patrygl86@hotmail.com

Alastarsia said...

enter me!!

my blog (you can see the banner in the right) http://tintayacuarela.blogspot.com

my e-mail: kasha_shi-hikari@hotmail.com

Pruemadrid said...

enter me!

Rhis is my blog direccion: http://www.pruemadrid.blogspot.com/

my email: pruemadrid@gmail.com

Nâgö said...

Enter me!!

I posted in my blog's sidebar: http://misspurpleglitter.blogspot.com


Lyse said...

Enter me!

Priscil·la Marin said...

Enter me please!!

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