100 things

100 things that make me happy week 2
100 cosas que me hacen feliz semana 2

Thank you very much to the people that have awarded me with the versatile blogger award ive already recieved it a few times so im not going to go through the whole process but thanks alot !!!!

studds and spikes

Nail art

clean white sheets

My favorite pajama pants

rice cakes


my squiggie and his friends

video games

scented candles



Just looking at your pictures makes me happy as well! :-)

Mary Nevin said...

good picks!!! i'm so glad someone else loves rice cakes and awesome pajama pants :)

Meri said...

The nail art looks like candy! pretty pretty!

Emily Anne said...

Love the picks!
I LOVE fireplaces! so amazing!
and nail art, those nails in that picture are so pretty!

SheShotta said...

ADORE the second picture with the nail art !

Vanilla said...

I love clean white sheets too :)

Love, Vanilla


Beauty meets Kawaii said...

Great 100 Things post Alex! :) Finishing my 100 felt so rewarding - you'll have so much fun doing this!

Kisses, Melanie

J.Ashley said...

love the second pic


Margaret said...

aaah those studs. i really need to buy some and stud the hell out of a jacket. or something :)
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Michelle said...

LOVE these things also!!!!!

Maiken M.S said...

nice nails!! mmmmh ricecakes, yummy yummy!

please check my blog out on http://magicmemaiken.blogspot.com/


Iwka said...

Such amazing pics!
I love your blog!
Do you want to follow eachother? :)

Jane Alisa said...

Cute post, I love nail art & studs too :-) xoxo

cheyenne davide. said...

nail art is great!!!
the chavier the better I say looool, I love having like loads of charms and beads/sequinz/studs having off my nails ahahhaa :) Great post Alex,

I Live For It said...
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I Live For It said...
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t said...

Congrats on the award!


Alba.V.F said...

I like so much you blog I follow !
Do the same if you want :D

dl.blogspot said...

A PS3 hahaha, what do you play?!!

Anonymous said...

I love clean white sheets, reading, and scented candles as well :)

dl.blogspot said...

You go girl!! ;) I prefer adventure games myself, but play Gran Turismo against my boyfriend now and then also!