16 days blogging.216 followers. 455 comments.
Thank you for this, I really appreaciate all your comments. I put alot of effort into writing my posts, taking photos, researching etc. and im really glad its paying off.  Just wanted to say I love you guys for keeping me motivated. I have a few upcoming reviews(in my sidebar), and dont forget my giveaways which are just an easy way of sharing the love. Im also now going to blog in two languages, I edited some of my posts (badly) but now its going to be totally bilingual, because as some of you know I am american but im living in spain. Do not ask me to follow you if you comment me I will, because i like to read other blogs and keep up to date with all of your lovely posts!

16 dias con mi blog. 216 seguidores. 455 comentarios.
Gracias por esto, aprecio muchisimo vuestros comentarios. Pongo mucho esfuerzo en escribir mis posts, haciendo fotos, buscando informacion etc. Y estoy muy feliz que esta dando resultado. Solo queria decir que os quiero por motivarme. Tengo unos cuantos productos que voy a dar mi opinion sobre ellos proximamente (podeis ver la lista en mi sidebar),y no olvideis entrar en mis giveaways que solo son una manera facil de compartir con vosotros. Ahora voy a escribir mi blog en dos idiomas, Edite algunos de mis posts pasados(malamente) pero ahora va ser totalmente billingue, Porque como algunos sabeis yo soy americana pero vivo en españa. No me pidais que os siga si me comentais ya os seguire, porque me gusta leer otros blogs y ver todos vuestros Posts!(lo siento por mi horible ortografia solo llevo en españa 4 años)

Some of my favourite things -Algunas de mis favoritas cosas-

Im changing my blog up a little Since i live in spain Im changing all the posts so that they are both in spanish and english.

voy a cambiar un poco mi blog como vivo en españa voy a cambiar todos los posts para que esten en ingles y español.
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200 Followers Giveaway

So i didnt really feel like doing part 2 of the swatches...but i will post it tommorow I promise! Im feeling lazy so Im just going to start a giveaway with the products I was going to use for my failed contest.Its my 200 followers giveaway...so I dont have 200 followers quite yet but theres only 4 left so whatever.Today is my too week blogging anniversary!

Giveaway de 200 seguidores!


The Rules
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  • You can have a total of 6 entrys if you do everything.
  • The giveaway will close February 28th.
  • To enter leave a comment Below with your name, email, and blog address and if aplicable to your twitter and tweet.
  • I will pay shipping for the items and all items are new and have never been used, swatched at most.
  • This contest is open internationally 
  • The winner will be chosen with randome.org

Las Reglas
  • Tendras que ser sequidora de mi blog 1 entrada.
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  • El giveaway cerrara Febrero 28.
  • Para entrar deja un comentario con tu nombre, email, blog, y si aplica tu twitter.
  • Pagare los gastos de envios todo es nuevo!
  • El concurso es internacional.
  • Eligire la ganadora con randome.org

Three eyeshadow pigments in purple and blue shades.

Red wayferer sunglasses with white polka dots

 Large red hairbow with sequins.

Triumph fleur de lise Tshirt with sequins, sheer in a size medium.

Dangle chain earrings with pearls black stones and hearts.

Hello Kitty watermelon stuffed animal...supersoft!

L.A. Colors ligloss in Pearl pink, Nyx lipstick in electra and peach.

 Studded white sneakers in a size 40, lightly scuffed but came that way from the store, theyll fit around a size 8-9.5 us sizes

Good Luck!


60 2 way nail art color pens swatches part 1 and 2

So ive had these nailpolishes for a while and ive only used a few, this took me a ridiculous amount of time to swatch since I only used my left hand, sorry for the blurry photos messyness in general and colored nail edges...I just couldnt get all of it off before doing the next color, This is only part 1 ill do part 2 next. You can find these on ebay for about 30 bucks check them out here.I used one coat on all of these, they all come with a nail pen for nail art and a thin brush as well.

Darle al link para comprar 60 colores de esmalte por 30 dollares en ebay mirad todos los colores! lo siento por la suciedad de la uña esto fue muy dificil hacer!
A shimmery dark green
A vibrant lime color
A bright light green
sort af a teal green with shimmer.
clear light green with light green glitter

army green.
Just green lol.
clear yellowish green with multicolor glitter.
bright sky blue.
A moss green with Golden shimmer
bright sky blue with shimmer
clear green with multicolor glitter.
deep chocolate brown.
brown with shimmer.
looks red but more of a shimmery bronze.
violet with shimmer.
Fuschia with shimmer

clear dark green with multicolor glitter.
aqua blue with shimmer.
Royal blue with shimmer.
clear aqua blue with blue glitter.
dark blue
clear light blue with blue glitter.
bright dark blue.
clear bright pink with pink glitter.
clear light pink with silver glitter.
purple with shimmer

For Part 2 I did it a bit differently I started off the same, but then I was like I cant do this! Its just too much so I took the photos a bit differently again sorry for the extreme messynes, Im not showing of my nail art skills(which are non existent) just showing you the colors the best i can!!

clear red with silver glitter
Blood red
dark red
Bright red
Deep red

clear bright red with silver glitter
Pinks on nails from right to left

Yellows On nails left to right

Oranges from Right to left

Silver and whites on nails left to right

Blacks and white from left to right on nails