sorry I havent been posting but ive been working night and day all week...next week things will be a bit calmer and i will start posting again sorry! I seriously dont have even 10 minutes free a day!!


neon orange!

The other day when i went for a little dumpling run to the chinese restaurant on my way home...my boyfriend was like lets go check out the dollar store and i was like sure! lol would I say no to shopping? Anyways I was just smelling all the fake perfumes they had...not a big fan of fake perfumes...I only have one Paris by yves saint laurent is my absolute favorite scent, id go through bottles and bottles and one day i was at the mall with my friend and they had a replica which I still have that smells exactley the same! no extra added alcohol smell or anything and it stays on long too...not as long but it lasts pretty long and cost me only 8 bucks. So anyways I was smelling the perfumes and behind them was all the cosmetics and I remembered that when i moved into my apartment I saw this nail polish shade they had that I loved but it was out of stock... I went to check it out and they had it! Its nothing too special just a neon orange shade that I think looks really great in the summer with a tan...last summer I saw a bunch of girls wearing this color and I was like I need it! It only cost me a dollar, so that was pretty cool and I caved in and bought a replica perfume of amor amor cacharel, Im not sure how the real one even smells like but since it smelled so good and at a 3 dollar price tag I was like whatever Im sure I´ll use it sometime! I also checked to see where they were made and since its a spanish company Im not worried about it containing harmfull chemicals as opposed to them being made in china, it smells flowery sweet and a little spicy at the same time at first it reminds me a little of grapes but not really plus it does not have that strong alcohol smell which I hate! Definitley going to make more trips to the dollar store they have a huge range of cosmetics and its like 2 minutes walking distance from my house.


So I got these two little packages today in the mail, I got these really great samples from these two mineral makeup companies I found on etsy, I will review one today and Ill put up the other review tommorow.(stopping the whole writing in english and spanish because im finding it annoying having to translate everything plus most of my readers speak english...so sorry!)

 From earth age minerals I recieved 8 samples of their mineral eye shimmers and colors.
right to left the colors are:
1.Peacock-A deep emerald green with shimmer(One of my favs!)
2.Champagne- A nude pink with shimmer(also one of my favs its gorgeous!)
3.Starlet Rita-A bright blue 
4.Fawn- A light shimmer brown
5. Watermelon- A pinky red
6. Majestic- A dark purple with shimmer
 7. Halo- An iridescent nude( so pretty)
8. Sand dune- A shimmery sand color

These eyeshadows are 100% chemical free, made with all natural ingredients.

They go on super smooth just a little dab is enough they are very pigmented!!! I love them I will honestly buy some of these colors in the full size they are some of the best pigments I have found. I definitley recommend them, they have a big range of colors and my photo definitley does not do them justice. they are great!
you can find them here!

A few days ago I recieved the bag I won from siren london they did send it to spain which was awesome! 
Sorry about the lack of blogging ive just been very busy with work and getting my drivers lisence, then my cat got fleas so ive been dealing with cleaning everything, finding a new apartment since my lease is up soon and just alot of stuff!



 Everything is from forever21 europe.



Sorry about not posting lately! ive been super busy!!! but i promise i will update more!! tommorow Ill post something interesting!!!


I posted about getting this necklace on ebay for $1.99, it finally arrived today and it was great! perfect condition and quality a great steal for the price!

Hace tiempo escribi sobre este collar que compre en ebay por $1.99, hoy llego finalmente y es genial! Esta en perfectas condiciones y es de buena calidad, un chollo!



this isnt very interesting but i need some structure to my blog so im going to organize my types of posts by days its going to be something like this.Only posting this in english because ive been feeling lazy, but as soon as i start this up I will post in both languages and my blog be more interesting i promise!

monday- makeup-looks-tutorials-lotd/w etc.
tuesday- Fashion- Inspirations-lotd/w
wednesday- Hauls, Finds, Reviews
Thursday- Nails, tutorials, looks etc.
Friday-Photography, Personal, Favourites, etc.
Saturday- Misc.

Any requests? guest bloggers? Comment!


my valentines present

 For valentines day this year my boyfriend treated me to a little haul nothing to special just some stuff i wanted and needed, I will be getting the stuff in this week Im so excited! yummy!! im eating caramel popcorn right now its soo goood!

Para san valentin este año mi novio me a regalado algunas compras, llegara todo esta semana!


polka dot hair flower

black yoga pants

white v neck thermal

earring stud set


striped pom pom beanie

grey cardigan

asos double cross ring
this book

asos arrow necklace

And the winner is!!

the winner to my valentines giveaway is Brittany love 

Congrats! I already emailed you and am awaiting your responce good luck to everyone else in the next two giveaways!


Im wrapping up my valentines giveaway now! I know its not the 14th yet there is still an hour and 20 minutes left in spain but tommorow Im probably not going to have alot of time to do it so I will be posting the winner shortly....and  please dont enter my other giveaway without following the rules...no blog? you cant enter!


100 things

100 things that make me happy week 2
100 cosas que me hacen feliz semana 2

Thank you very much to the people that have awarded me with the versatile blogger award ive already recieved it a few times so im not going to go through the whole process but thanks alot !!!!

studds and spikes

Nail art

clean white sheets

My favorite pajama pants

rice cakes


my squiggie and his friends

video games

scented candles


I won!

I was just checking my spam folder and i noticed i had an email from siren london, it was informing me that i had won their zebra bow handbag! im so excited i never win anything but with my luck they are going to say they cant ship to spain :(. check out their site here!

estaba mirando mis emails y me encontre que he ganado este bolso de siren london, podeis ver la pagina donde pone here!






just clearing that up because people dont get it -_-


Awesomest giveaway ever!

Ok lovelys so im very excited for this giveaway! seeing that my other giveaway is ending soon Ive decided to host a little spring giveaway!!! Please read the rules because is is VERY important that you follow them I will be checking, since these items are really expensive Im going to be more strict than in my other giveaways. I wish you all the best of luck!!!

Bueno chicas tengo un sorteo para vosotras no os olvideis de seguir las reglas, y os deseo buena suerte!

aqui podeis ver las fotos de los productos que voy a sortear!

The goodies!!

2 mac full sized pigments in vanilla and moonlight night
2  mac lipsticks in mac red and kinda sexy
1 mac prep and prime skin brightening serum
5 mac eyeshadows in typographic, purplehaze, expensive pink, chrome yellow, and aquadisiac.

and just because  I thought it was adorable a swarovski hello kitty couture pop from sugarfactory.com in the watermelon flavor.

There will be no changes to the items in the giveaway they have already been ordered and I will not change the colors or the flavor of the couturepop!

you must have a blog
you must follow my blog publicly
you must post a link to my giveaway on your sidebar and if not post about it
everyone gets one entry
the giveaway ends march 21st
it is open internationaly
comment below saying enter me
I will choose the winner by randome.org

tienes que tener un blog
tienes que ser seguidora de mi blog
tienes que poner un link a mi sorteo o escribir sobre el sorteo.
todo el mundo tiene una entrada
termina marzo 21
es internacional
deja un comentario diciendo enter me
escojere la ganadora con randome.org